Yellow Boots, Big Puddles & Child Photography

yellow boots, puddles & kids photography 01


It is said that there are two types of photographers, those who make the photograph, and those who wait for the right moment to happen in front of their lens before capturing it without any intervention. I guess I must be 35% of the first type and 65% of the second one.

Of course it depends on the situation and I might give more directions during a portrait session but all in all I enjoy remaining silent behind my camera and wait to see what will eventually unfold in front of my lens. And sometimes, if you wait enough, sweet moments can happen like when this pigeon crossing what was a little pond for him stopped to look at N. or maybe me — who knows what crosses the tiny brain of a pigeon?
That day, the contrast between the dark water and N.’s yellow boots and raincoat, the nice reflection of street signs and the beautiful buildings of Venceslav’s Square in the water, and some pigeons cruising around were all promising elements for a nice picture.
Famous French photographer Henri-Cartier Bresson must be the one who described in the best and most beautiful way what he called the decisive moment — also the title of one magnificent book of his — when taking a photograph : “To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart.”

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