Happy Family Session

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A happy family session it was indeed with these hundred balloons as the main prop of this Prague photo shoot! Since her two daughters like balloons so much, B. had the great idea of using them during the session and release them at the very end of it for a picture she wanted to be on her holiday card. I remember this session as a happy whirlwind of hula hoops, cartwheels, and arabesques that S. and F. masterfully executed all the way through these two hours spent in one of the most beautiful parts of Prague. Continue reading

Colourful Summer Family Session


A colourful summer family session it was indeed! This session was in many things very special, since this lovely family was about to leave Prague after 7 years during which their two children were born. Hence it was particularly important for them to keep beautiful memories of their life here and when discussing the location of the shoot during our pre-session meeting, it was a natural choice to select all the locations where they had spent many happy afternoons as a family. Continue reading