Olivia & Hailey | children photography

Olivia & Hailey | children photography

Life can sometime be very sweet and very sad at the same time… I took beautiful Olivia and Hailey the day we were saying goodbye to their grand-mother Elizabeth. I met Elizabeth for the first time when I turned 17. I was then visiting America for the very first time of my life.

She soon became one of my dearest friends and someone I considered as my second mom.  She was a friend, a mentor, a confidante, someone I could tell everything. Her house from which you could see the Golden Gate Bridge in the San Francisco Bay was a haven of peace and rest where I stayed too many times to remember the exact number of my visits. When I did my graphic design internship at Landor, her enthusiasm, love and support made it possible for me to live for a year in San Francisco. Her daughter and son had quickly became like family and together with her made the trip with their partner and spouse for my wedding. Some years later, both brother and sister had a girl almost at the same time, whom I met for the first time during this trip. To photograph Olivia & Hailey eased the huge pain of saying good-bye to a woman I had loved so much. I think Elizabeth would have loved these pictures of her beloved grand-daughters.

Bright Californian Children PortraitBright Californian children portraitbright_californian_children_portrait_10
Bright Californian children portrait

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