Bonjour & Bienvenue!

Junko d. Bonjour!

So, after weeks of feverish editing, uploading, customizing, designing, WordPress themes comparing and exploring, head scratching, eyes rolling, and loads of doubting and self-questioning, Hurray! I am very happy to welcome you on my brand new photography site, where I hope you will find things you like and will give us the great opportunity to collaborate and create great pictures and memories of you and your loved ones. Bienvenue & thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Bonjour & Bienvenue!

  1. Hello Aline,
    your site is AMAZING and your photos are more than that! And Lenka told me about your products, their beauty and design with love in every single detail. Wish you good luck and I am sure that you will have a lot of … admirers. I think it’s better word than customer, because one will definitely fall in love with what he gets – pictures, albums, boxes…
    Looking forward to see you and listen to your story of crafting such a amazing offer and website!
    Best regards,

    • Dear David,

      thank you so much for taking the time to browse through my site and for your kindest words which touch me so very much! They are incredibly encouraging. I too am looking forward to seeing you both very soon!
      With kindest regards,

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