Client’s testimonials

“Aline is really the most talented of photographers, with that rare ability to produce portraits that reflect the essence of the moment. It is for that reason that Aline’s work is so personal for each family that she works with. It was very much a collaborative process with the photo shoot portraits being not only the most beautiful (visually) photographs we have ever had but also the ones that expressed the soul of our family interactions. The challenge was to capture a family with ‘almost adult’ children before they flew the nest. With time passing and our daughters having now left home, we are left with a forever resonance of a wonderful family day in the pages of our heirloom album.
The portrait album we chose has a timeless classic look and is reassuringly heavy to feel like a special piece to be the keeper of those memories. The attention to detail and the layout of the portraits only speak even more highly of Aline’s skill.”


“Our family has had the pleasure of working with Aline on three different occasions: two family photo sessions around Prague and one newborn session. Most recently, she photographed us and our two toddlers on a wonderful summer day. She was amazing and personable with our girls, which came through in the photos. They felt comfortable and thanks to Aline’s preparation and planning, we were able to get all the shots in multiple locations while keeping smiles on everyone’s faces. She is a master of her craft, and the beauty of her photography is only surpassed by the quality and uniqueness of her products- photobooks, albums, and canvas prints. Furthermore, she is just wonderful to work with. She made sure our album was shipped to us express (international), ensuring that we had it in time for Christmas. My family will absolutely work with Aline again and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, engaging photographer.”


“We’ve had twice the opportunity to enjoy Aline’s exceptional work. Once in our home in Paris, during a session with our 8 years old daughter and again while our family visited Prague. Thanks to Aline’s albums, we now have unique and truly priceless memories of these events.

Beyond the quality of the photographs and Aline’s sense of details, we appreciated her ability to put us at ease and forget the lens in front of us. We always felt very comfortable and it is probably this complicity that is reflected in all our portraits.
But another of Aline’s strengths is her incredible sense of design and her love for publishing and artistic direction. Not only do we have beautiful pictures, but the albums Aline created for us don’t look like any other. They are unique, as pleasing to the eye as they are to the touch, looking perfect in our library. They were custom made, just for us. The details are delicate, the finishes impeccable. It is a work of haute couture, which one never tires of.

An album by Aline is not a photo album, it’s a family heirloom, a art book of our memories that we never tire of watching and sharing.
Thank you Aline for these incredible experiences! “


“Our experience with Junko d. Photography was amazing! Aline has a unique ability to capture those candid, natural moments and most importantly… she connected with our family.
Her work is absolutely stunning, and we couldn’t be happier with the photos and album. Thank you Aline for helping our family create lasting memories of our time together in Prague!”


“Dear Aline,
Working with you was a fantastic experience. Your calm, professional attitude, the preparation and the incredible attention to every detail made this experience extremely memorable.
You worked to understand the subject of the pictures, you spent countless hours preparing the set to create the best possible photographs.
All of this preparation and your professional skills were clearly represented in the photographs.
Thank you for capturing this moment in time for us!! We look forward to working with you soon again.”


“Our family had the wonderful pleasure of working with Aline twice. First, for a family photo shoot with our toddler in Prague (while I was 8 months pregnant) and again a couple months later for our daughter’s newborn photo shoot. Aline made us feel comfortable, was aware and considerate to our given situations (pregnant and dealing with a toddler, and later postpartum with a toddler and a newborn), and made sure to deliver on all her promises of beautiful photography that captured our family in our natural dynamic. We felt a true connection with her and were not only pleased with her ability to connect with us as a couple, but also our kids. She was patient, kind, and has a natural ability for working with both older children and babies.
Equally impressive are the products she offers. We ordered canvas prints, a studio album, a coffee table book, as well as just digital negatives for our own use. Hers are premium quality products that surpass that which you will find elsewhere or be able to easily produce yourself. You can rest assured that you are paying for the highest level of professional quality. Aline, your work is true art!
We highly recommend Junko d. photography and will absolutely use them again in the future when the situation arises.”


“The photo session with Aline was a pure pleasure both for the kids as well as for the parents. We did a nice walk and Aline took pictures in locations we walked by many times before but without never noticing their beauty or special details. We felt very relaxed and didn’t realize how the time passed. Little surprises for children (as well as for my husband ;-P) also helped! Aline was very nice, extremely patient and thoughtful and highly professional. She was very good with small children who are not easy to photograph. The pictures are beautiful, capturing the happiness and atmosphere of that special day and we will enjoy looking at them for the years to come.”


“Our children grew up in Prague and before moving, we wanted pictures of them in our neighborhood. We moved effortlessly from our back yard in Hradčany to the gardens of Královský Letohrádek with Aline following us and organizing us discretely and kindly so as to capture very natural relaxed pictures that reflect who we are perfectly. There were some bumps that day: my youngest fell and cut open her knee, my older two quarreled. With a band-aid, organic snacks and a warm smile, Aline made it better and we ended up with pictures that have no hint of disruption. Aline honored a moment in our lives and for that I’m grateful. We live in Paris now but the first thing you see upon opening the front door to our tiny apartment are Aline’s portraits of a very special time in our lives. We still miss Prague but those pictures bring us home. Thank you, Aline, for your intuitive camera skills, your eye, and patience. Super professional!”


“I have been with my family very fortunate to be introduced to Aline Derer in order to arrange the family shooting, which I believe is not a simple task. Aline immediately connected to our family expectations, needs and likes. More over she is very sensing and that helped to make our decision to work with her. Aline is true professional, she has a great vision, pleasant way to organize and arrange the clients for portrait shooting and all this with endless smile. The family album has been delivered as promised and we have received more that expected. Impeccable hand made book of family pictures with finest printing and remarkable touches.”

“Bylo nám velkým potěšěním seznámit se s Aline Derer, kterou jsme poté oslovili se zájmem o vytvoření rodinného alba. Aline je vynikající fotografkou, velkým profesionálem ale mnohem více dokáže předvídat a cítit momenty, které předurčují tomu aby výsledek byl co nejlepší. To vše se v její práci odráží. Věříme, že jsme společne hodně dokázali a máme pro naši rodinu krásné, do detailu zpracované portrétové album, kde vždy při jeho otevření si vzpomeneme na náš společně strávený čas.”


“We asked Aline to work with us in producing the artwork for our upcoming cd and lp release. We had some vague ideas on a historical theme. Aline did an awesome job on crystallizing those vague ideas into a super concept and then delivered on the costumes (no easy feat with two weeks notice in Prague) and design to deliver the final photograph. All of this was done in a organized manner, super quick time with no hassle and a great humor – bear in mind she was working with four children including two toddlers – to deliver the exact picture on the front of our album. Fabulous!”


“What we appreciated highly was that Aline spent time with us and made a great effort to get to know us and our children, gently putting us at ease so we were able to relax and show ourselves and photograph us as we really are.Aline is a lovely, open and friendly person and knows how to relate to children and put them (and adults) at ease and has the insight to know how to take photographs that show the personalities of her subjects.As a result, the work that Aline produced was of a very high quality and a real reflection of our family and our separate characters.We treasure the photographs that Aline produced; we can really see the large amount of time and effort that Aline spent, not only with us on the day but also in choosing and presenting the photographs. We regard highly the photographs that Aline took of us and we are proud to display and show them.”


“As we are leaving Prague after seven years, we wanted to keep special memories of this great city where we had our two children.
Junko d. Photography exceeded our expectations in every way by delivering outstanding images of us in our favourite places of Prague and creating gorgeous products we will never tire of looking at.”


“Being a photographer myself, I asked Junko d. Photography to create portraits of my 7 years old daughter. I was very happy with the pictures which reflect childhood tenderness without being soppy. They are fresh and capture what my daughter really is today.
I am glad I asked another pro to create these lasting portraits of my child and 
highly recommend Junko d. Photography to parents who wish to keep meaningful memories of their children’s early years.”


“Junko d. Photography photographed our wedding and created nothing less than the most gorgeous encyclopedia of it! We were blown away by the quality of her photographs, the uniqueness of her products and the meticulousness and great dedication she always put in her work.”