Baby Anton | newborn session

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Baby Anton newborn session was a very peaceful one. This very quiet baby was three weeks old when I came to his home to photograph him. While he didn’t want to sleep all the time his mother was nearby, he fell into a blissful nap as soon as his mommy left the room to go pick up her other son at school.

I love to photography babies and newborns particularly. Each time, I’m filled again with the same wonder I felt when my own daughter was born. This very strong feeling of owe in front of Nature’s creation. This emotion when thinking of this very new life which has just started. This feeling of amazement in front of babies’ perfection. Maybe because I would like my newborn pictures to reflect these deep emotions, I tend to have a very clean photographic style and very rarely use accessories, rather focusing on each baby’s personality.








baby Anton newborn session


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